About Us

Our Story

LawKick was conceived in 2012 by two law school friends, Aaron George and Michael Chasin. Aaron and Michael found themselves disheartened by the idea of practicing law, and both shared a passion for entrepreneurship. Having spent time working in the legal industry during law school, they became aware of its inefficiencies and felt strongly that the market was in dire need of innovation.

After months of market analysis and research, they launched the first version of LawKick, which consisted of a single webpage where they manually matched clients with lawyers in their area, and all the communications were handled via email.

Quickly they understood how powerful their service could be, and they wanted to make the process better, faster, and more efficient. So, they went all-in and built out a full platform to achieve their goal of streamlining the process by which people find and hire legal help. Along with the assistance of Los Angeles based digital agency Brand Knew, and soon to become fellow Co-Founder and CTO Stas Baydakov, the first full version of LawKick was born.

Today, LawKick continues on its mission to make legal services more accessible, efficient, and affordable to all. As the company grows and expands to cities across the US, that vision is becoming more of a reality every day.

Our Mission

LawKick is on a mission to make legal services more transparent, accessible, efficient, and affordable. We bring a fresh approach to legal services, using technology to streamline the process by which consumers and small business owners find and hire qualified legal help that meets their needs and budget.

LawKick is revolutionizing the legal marketplace by establishing a network of pre-screened and certified legal service providers and allowing consumers to instantly connect with them online and receive price quotes on a variety of common services. Our questionnaire process and private communication system saves users the effort of having to call around or visit multiple law offices in order to find the best lawyer for their needs. Meanwhile, our platform offers lawyers and law firms a more efficient channel for online marketing and client acquisition with better control and an easy-to-measure ROI.

Law doesn't have to be intimidating, difficult, or unreasonably expensive. LawKick is changing the game by adding greater transparency and efficiency to the market, enabling lawyers and clients to connect and work together like never before.