Client FAQ

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Is LawKick free to use?
Yes, LawKick is completely free to use with absolutely no obligations to hire a lawyer found on-site! The only fees you will ever have to pay are the traditional legal fees that the attorney charges you for their services. There are no extra charges to use LawKick to find and hire your attorney.
How does LawKick work?
The LawKick process works in 3 simple steps: (1) Describe your legal need; (2) Receive price quotes from lawyers; (3) communicate with the lawyers you like best. Click here to get more extensive instructions on How It Works.
Do the lawyers on the website work for LawKick?
No. None of the attorneys listed on the site are affiliated in any way with LawKick. LawKick is solely a platform where they can connect with you.
Are the lawyers on the platform screened at all?
Yes, every lawyer must apply to join LawKick and meet 3 criteria before they can be listed on LawKick: (1) they must have at been admitted to the Bar for at least 2 years; (2) they must be in good standing with the State Bar association; (3) they must disclose whether they carry malpractice insurance. We do our best to ensure that every attorney fulfills these 3 criteria at all times in order to help you find the best lawyer for your needs and budget. For more information, visit our Terms of Service.
Is an attorney-client relationship formed?
No attorney-client relationship is formed solely by using the LawKick platform. The lawyer will indicate to you how to establish that relationship, either through signing a retainer agreement/engagement letter or some other means. For more information, see our Terms of Service.
Is my information safe?
Definitely! Your info will never be made available to the public in any way. It will only be visible to lawyers on the LawKick platform, and it may occasionally be accessed by members of the LawKick team for quality assurance purposes. We encourage you to leave out anything that you prefer to remain confidential or any information you don't feel comfortable sharing. All private messages with lawyers are completely confidential and can only be viewed by you and your lawyers; LawKick will never view any of those messages to comply with attorney-client privilege. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.
How do I get started?
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