Lawyer FAQ

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How does Lawkick work?
The LawKick process works in 3 simple steps: (1) the prospective client visits LawKick and submits their answers to a detailed questionnaire reflecting their legal needs; (2) that information is distributed to attorneys on the LawKick platform in the designated practice area and location; (3) the lawyers who are interested in acquiring the client then submit a price quote and the client chooses which lawyers they want to communicate with. For more information, see our How LawKick Works page.
How much does LawKick cost?
As a lawyer, you will never have to pay in advanced for any service. It is FREE to sign up, maintain a profile and even to submit price quotes to clients. However, if you are contacted by the client after they have seen your price quote then you will be assessed a PCF (“Prospective Client Fee”). This fee will be displayed on the client information before you submit a price quote. We guarantee your satisfaction and if you ever feel as though your money was not well-spent, we can refund your PCF for that client.
I am concerned about ethical rules, does this site comply with Bar rules?
Yes. While, the State Bar Associations have been slow to adopt new technologies, we take every step necessary to avoid violating the ethical rules of lawyering. LawKick is solely a platform for allowing lawyers and clients to efficiently connect and communicate with each other. LawKick provides no legal services. For more information, see this link – for example the State Bar of California recognizes platforms of our nature and even encourages clients to make use of them. See our Ethics Policy.
What is a “Price Quote”?
A ‘price quote’ is a proposal of the lawyer’s fees for the legal service requested by the client. For instance, a price quote would be essentially telling the client “I can incorporate your business for a flat rate of $1000 with a $500 retainer,” “This project will take approximately 3 hours and my hourly rate is $325 per hour,” or “I will represent you in your lawsuit for a 33% contingency fee.”
Will other lawyers see my price quote?
No. Your prices are only seen by the client. Your specific prices will never be disseminated to any outside parties.
Is an attorney-client relationship formed?
Not by solely providing a price quote. The attorney-client relationship rules vary state-by-state so consult your jurisdictional rules to know what qualifies as starting an attorney-client privilege. For more information, see our Terms of Service.
Is fee-splitting involved?
No. Since LawKick is not a referral service, we are not allowed to fee share with lawyers. Therefore we charge a flat fee if the client decides to communicate with the lawyer. The fee is irrelevant to whether the lawyer is hired.
How do I get started?
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