How Does LawKick Work? (Clients)

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  1. Describe Your Legal Need - To get started simply select the main button on the home page or click here. Select the category of law associated with your legal issue, and then select a specific legal service for which you need a lawyer’s help. As you complete the questionnaire, make sure to be as specific as possible and reference the Tips on the right side of the questionnaire for assistance.
  2. Browse Lawyers And Invite Them To Submit a Price Quote - More is better, right? Once you have submitted your project for review it may take a few hours to receive your first few price quotes. While you are waiting you can increase your likelihood of receiving more quotes by inviting specific lawyers to your project! Find the Browse Lawyers icon in your toolbar and search by type of law and location. You can then select some lawyers you like best and invite them to send you a price quote. Send them a request for a quote by clicking the envelope icon on the right side of the browse screen or select the “Request Price Quote” button on their profile.
  3. Receive Price Quotes and Compare Lawyers - Soon you will begin receiving price quotes from qualified lawyers in your area. Access your dashboard to review each lawyer’s pricing, billing methods, profile and introductory message. You should visit each lawyer’s profile to assess their experience and qualifications.
  4. Chat With The Lawyers - Once you start receiving price quotes you are ready to start communicating with the lawyers. To speak with a lawyer who has submitted a price quote simply click the “Talk To This Lawyer” button. From there, you can either request a phone call from them or just send them a message. Once you have consulted with a few lawyers you will be ready to make an informed decision of who is the best lawyer to hire!
  5. Review Your Lawyer - After you have worked or consulted with a lawyer, be sure to leave them a review so the lawyer knows how they did and also so future clients can benefit from your experience.